shifting from ego to essence

Breathe into the essence of your BEING

Access your inner knowing and guidance

Release and transmute limiting thoughts, beliefs, and conditioning

Open your heart and align with your purpose


Learn powerful techniques to enter an altered state of consciousness that can allow insight and healing to occur

Tap into the overflowing wellspring of creativity, abundance, vitality and authentic expression

Learn practices and principles of co-creation and sacred relating to live a love-centered life

“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”

- Thich Nhat Hanh





Our two-hour private session involves in-depth intuitive coaching, sound healing, and a one hour guided breathing practice. This safe container of love and acceptance helps reveal deeper layers of conditioning, suppressed emotions, and blocked energy as well as opens the heart to experience the fullness of your being.



A three hour deep dive into your essence.


We begin with movement and somatic practices that support you to ground into your body and get connected with the present moment.


Next, let guided meditation, sound activation, toning, and group processes open and awaken stuck and dormant energy and begin to stir up what is alive and active in your heart.


Finally, go for your BREATH. Enter into a sacred and safe space to breathe into your BEING.

Expand and access an altered state of awareness where deep healing and insights can occur.



Step out of the noisy world and into your breath. Our multi-day intensives offer you the space, support, practices, and guidance to drop deep into the essence of your being.


Through movement, meditation, breathwork, and sound healing we shift from EGO to ESSENCE, finding the still resting point of our soul. With this clarity and connection, the inner and outer noise and distractions fall away. We are able to feel and express our heart's truth and live in the fullness of our authentic self.



  • Aug 08, 5:00 PM – Aug 14, 7:00 AM
    Dancing Spirit Ranch, 1600 Conn Rd, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, USA
    Grammy award-winning Pianist Peter Kater has invited us to be guest facilitators for his retreat in beautiful Whitefish, Montana. Join us for a week of musical delight and Breathwork.

“Every breath reminds us about our connection with the infinite Universe.”

- Amit Ray

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Melanie Roske

Melanie draws upon her experience as a holistic wellness coach, Clarity Breathwork practitioner, reiki master, meditation guide, and sound healer guiding people to cultivate more self-love, healing and personal awakening. Melanie’s love for life and her ability to see the beauty and essence within people and in the world has been a driving inspiration on her personal and professional journey.


With a background in media production, Melanie shifted her focus from working in advertising to co-founding Ahanah. Ahanah is an online multi-media platform that offers nourishing life-affirming content supporting people to live in passion and purpose.


Jeremy is a multi-talented performing artist, singer/songwriter, sound healer, Clarity Breathwork facilitator, and SomaSource® practitioner.
Born into a family of changemakers and social pioneers, Jeremy's parents have been at the forefront of whole systems transformation for the past 50 years. Passionate about birthing a new world, they have committed their lives to build a co-creative culture rooted in unity and love.

Jeremy traveled to Auroville, India, with his family for the first time when he was twelve. The experience changed his life, and he returned alone when he was fourteen spending his first year of high school there. Auroville has been a central inspiration and guiding light for Jeremy for the past twenty-eight years during which he became an Aurovilian and participated in many community projects and activities. While in India, Jeremy fell in love with Carnatic music, which he studied under the tutelage of the late Krishna Kumar. This vocal style diversified his musical expression and merged his artistic and spiritual practices. He discovered the power of toning, mantra, and nada yoga (yoga of sound vibration).  

After his adventures in India Jeremy returned home to Hawaii and became a founding member of the Earth Guardians, they wrote message-driven music to educate, uplift and inspire action on behalf of the planet and all life. The highlight of this time was the Children's Torch of Hope Tour in 1995, where they performed and spoke at over 40 events in 29 states, including the United Nations. 




Sara Malakul


Melanie has a true gift; after my 2 hr session I felt like I had been cleansed from the inside - that every single one of my organs had been gently scrubbed; my heart has never felt so full with love and light. The effects have continued and I look forward to my next session. I highly recommend Melanie for anyone who is looking to heal, grow and connect spiritually. Gifts and miracles await in abundance.


Mike Lewis


What took place for me was a euphoric trance in which my mentality completely changed. I was under a lot of stress and felt like my problems in life were too much to handle. Through the breathwork and the wonderful; guidance I was able to turn that thought process around and see "silver linings" in all the obstacles I was facing. The euphoric state which I felt, was as if I had the same high as THC but it was done through only focused breathing. It was beautiful and changed me for the better.


Tatiana Bellavita

Co-Founder of Enfimi

Breath of Being brought light to those  aspects of myself that I had hidden so deep within me when I was a child. I didn't even know they were there. After my session I felt as though a huge rock had been removed from my body and i felt lighter, very joyous and in my light. Its amazing how this breathwork can truly create such an impact in ones life and change life forever.




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